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Refund Policy

We strive to deliver our customers' goods safely and promptly to their hands. However, if any of the following situations occur, customers can apply for a refund:

Changed mind: If you want cancel the order, please inform us as soon as possible. Please note that orders cannot be canceled once they have been shipped.

Damaged Goods: If the goods received are damaged during transit or delivery.

Lost Goods: If the goods are lost and not delivered to the customer.

Incorrect Items: If the customer receives items that are different from what they ordered.

Delivery Delays: If there are significant delays (more than 45 days after purchasing) 

In such cases, customers have the option to either request a refund of their payment or choose to receive a replacement.

Once we have issued a refund, if you paid using your PayPal account, you should receive the refund on the same day. If you paid by credit card, it may take 3-6 days to receive the refund. If you have any issues regarding your refund, please do not hesitate to contact us.