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Ship from Australia, Hong Kong  or Singapore, FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING. It may take 10-16 days to most of the countries, if hold by customs, may need to wait for one more week or longer, but not more than a month.(The transit time is the best estimated from our previous experience but not guarantee)


If you're not 100% satisfied in any way with an item you've received, please let us know using emailing us within 30 calendar days of receipt, and within 3 months from the order date. Returns can only be made once authorized by Customer Services.

Our site is aimed at customers who have already purchased and experienced the product, either its use in the case of skincare, or smell in terms of perfume, or color in terms of make up. If you have ordered the wrong product, then you can still return for a full refund but please note that the items must be unopened and unused and you will have to bear postage costs.

We are happy to refund postage costs if the item is damaged or sent due to our error.

Please check your fragrance orders carefully, as fragrances can NOT be returned under any circumstances due to international aviation restrictions.