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Decleor Rosemary Active Essence 200ml

Decleor Rosemary Active Essence 200ml
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  • Brand:Decleor
  • Product Code:2294
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  • $31.80

Decleor Rosemary Active Essenc is Decléor's 99% naturally sourced water-based skincare, not just a toner, but a serum, enriched with rosemary essential oil and salicylic acid to reduce blemishes (such as visible pores, blackheads, and pimples) and reduce blemishes Leaves your skin smooth throughout the day. Pores look unblocked, appear tighter and less visible. Overall skin appearance is improved and blackheads and pimples are reduced.

Its hydrating texture reduces excess sebum, leaving skin cleansed, matte and healthy-looking. Its aromatic scent refreshes the skin and mind.

This 99% naturally sourced formula combines the anti-blemish benefits of rosemary essential oil, naturally sourced salicylic acid and other powerful essential oils such as ylang ylang, lemon, premium lavender, clary sage and clove to Minimize pores. This pore-shrinking toner is suitable for all skin types with blemishes, even sensitive skin.

How to use:

Use a cotton wool pad or pat on clean, dry face with fingers. Avoid the eye area.

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